Microsoft announces Surface Pro 6 with 8th gen Intel CPUs, no USB C

Yup, that's extremely matte black.

Microsoft lifted the curtain on their refreshed Surface line-up today. They opened up their presentation with the original Surface, the Surface Pro. Unlike last year, they gave a numerical value to the Pro, calling it the Surface Pro 6. As we expected, there weren’t any major redesigns. Nearly all of the upgrades were on the inside.


Kicking off the internal improvements, the Surface Pro steps up to Intel’s 8th generation of Core i5 and i7 processors. Thanks to a redesigned cooling system, the Pro can now be configured with a up to quad core chip. This should make the Pro 6 significantly faster than last years model, which was already no slouch. The rest of the hardware largely remains the same. The Pro 6 features the same “Full Friction” kickstand, beautiful 12.3 inch display, and port selection as the Pro 5. This means, of course, that Microsoft still hasn’t added any USB C ports which is likely the biggest upset of the Pro 6. The tablet still has a full size USB A port as well as a mini displayport for external display connectivity. Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connector is still here, allowing you to easily dock the tablet to a full desk setup. The biggest difference to the exterior of the Pro 6 is the new Black option, a sleek homage to the Surface’s origin as well as a nod to today’s matte black craze.

Microsoft is claiming over 13 hours of video playback on a single charge. This is thanks to that newer and more efficient CPU mentioned earlier. If it lives up to this claim, the Pro 6 should easily last a full day of productivity and then some which fits well with Microsoft’s focus on making their Surface devices powerful productivity machines.

The Pro 6 is available for pre-order today and will ship on the 16th. It will start at $899 for a Silver model with 8GB of RAM, an i5, and a 128GB SSD. If you want that new black model, you will need to shovel out an extra $300 since it requires you to select at least a 256GB SSD. If you can look past the lack of USB C, The Surface Pro 6 seems like a strong contender for your hard-earned cash.

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