Razer releases skull shaking Nari Ultimate gaming headset


Ever wanted skull rattling audio from your games? Well it seems Razer is giving you just that with their new Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset. It quite literally rattles your skull. The Nari Ultimate features what Razer is calling it “hyperSense” haptic technology, which vibrates the headset in response to loud sounds in the game. Razer says the technology will work in all forms of media, not just games. If that doesn’t sound too pleasing to you, I don’t blame you. I’m sure you’ll be able to turn it off if it becomes a bit too much.

The Nari Ultimate is a wireless headset and is compatible with just about everything, including Nintendo Switch. It features THX Spatial Audio to help discern the location of those gunshots in PUBG. I think it looks relatively stylish compared to many gaming headsets on the market as it looks like a high end pair of audiophile headphones. If you cover up the big green Razer logo, you might pass for a DJ.

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The Nari Ultimate is available as you’re reading this starting just shy of $200. Later, there will be two versions without the haptics for $100 and $150. This is perfect if you want the quality and appearance, to pay rent, and like your skull in one piece.

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