LG teases V40 ThinQ

LG today teased the newest member of their video focused line of flagship smartphones, the V40 ThinQ. Many rumors that were circulating regarding the handset have been confirmed, including the use of 5 cameras total. There are two in the front, and three in the back. We’re now approaching the number of cameras there were on the Amazon Fire Phone, which had 6. I suspect the main purpose of having dual front cameras is to provide better depth information for portrait mode selfies, however this seems like an odd choice considering other manufacturers are achieving portrait mode images using AI to separate the background from the foreground, and The V40 ThinQ gets its name from LG’s AI push.

Source: LG

The V40’s edge-to-edge display will coming in at 6.4 inches and have a notch, although it’s not clear how large that notch is or if it will have a matching chin on the bottom. The fact that the video never shows the bottom edge of the phone leads me to think that there likely will be a chin. The phone will come in gray, red, and the particularly slick looking blue. It will also maintain the glass back found on it’s predecessors. LG is giving a presentation on October 3rd to formally introduce the product and provide more detail.

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